Thursday, January 13, 2011

One Little Word: January

Our January assignment for the One Little Word class consisted of two prompts. The first was to take a photo (or ask someone to take a photo) of yourself and add this digital overlay to it. I made my photo black and white, just to keep it neutral and hide those lovely imperfections. :)
Easy peasy. This 5x7 layout goes on the back of the 5x7 title page that was our pre-class assignment I showed you hereWe are using Pink Paislee album refills that come in 4 different sizes. I've never seen anything like these before and they've been really fun to play with so far. Very unique to say the least. And I love albums with mixed up page sizes.

The second prompt included filling out 5 little 2x3 cards with information about the word we chose. We had to define it, find similar words, find a quote using your word, explain why you chose the word, and document what you hope to bring into your life with your word this year. Here is mine (you can click to enlarge and read it better):
In the other 4 spaces we could add whatever we wanted. Patterned paper, a collage, more words. Whatever we wanted. In the top right corner, I used a scrap of old Hambly transparency (so it is see- thru). The green Thickers spelling FOCUS are actually on top of the page protectors. Something a little different. Adds a little texture too. The top photo in this post shows a good detail of it. The middle left paper is a paper bag from Starbucks. I clipped a 2x3 section and used removable adhesive to attach it to some regular printer paper and ran it through the printer to add the FOCUS column. Then I just removed it from the paper and slip it in my page protector. The other two spaces are just patterned paper. One is some old Kristina Contes paper. The other is KI Memories Love, Elsie paper. Old(ish) stuff. Other than buying the page protectors, this will be another project where I'm going to use what I have. Because I have plenty. It looks like I'm going with a green and neutrals theme in this album.

I love this project! As if there was any doubt I would. Yes, we are only in month one, but the assignments are easy and I see no problem with keeping up and having a finished album by the end of the year. Ali said she doesn't think all of the monthly layouts will fill up the album, so I'm probably going to do a Week in the Life project later this year and put it behind my One Little Word stuff. Make it sort of a 2011 album.

Thanks for letting me share!


  1. Beautiful page and a beautiful pic of you. Love how you put your word on top of your page protector!

  2. Beautiful, tanks for sharing! It's been a wonderful journey so far for me too.