Monday, January 31, 2011

focus: things to remember

Focus has been a word that has remained at the top of my brain every day this month. This word was truly meant to be for me. Focus can mean so many things, in so many areas of life. Not just the physical stuff - get things done - kind of way. Some days I did well. Some days not so much. Every day I learn what my pitfalls are and every night I remind myself that tomorrow is a new day. A new chance. This post is meant to be a reminder to myself, especially for those extra tough or trying days.

Focus on concentrating more.
Focus on appreciating what I have and who I'm with.
Focus on finishing what I've started before diving in to a new project.
Focus on not getting overwhelmed.
Focus on what's important and learn what can wait.
Focus on not doing so much. On learning to say no.
Focus on being present. And making eye contact.
Focus on my duties as a wife and a mother. My most important roles ever.

I am only one person.
I am doing the best I can.

Tomorrow, we get our February prompt from Ali. I'm excited to share my next layout! Has anyone else chosen a word for 2011, even if you're not a scrapbooker, or participating in the class?


  1. My word is also focus. I think it's a good way to remember what important in our lives. You've got some good things to focus on this month.

  2. I also chose focus! I think this February prompt is going to be a little challenging!