Friday, January 28, 2011

beyond the limit

It's been quite a day. Not how I like to end a week.
So happy it's Friday (not that that matters to me, I suppose).
Mark got sick Wednesday.
Then broke out in hives Thursday.
Then Morgan broke out in hives overnight.
Big red welts on her arms and legs. And really itchy.
I wish I knew what caused it - in both of them. Could it be the same thing?

So Mark went to the doctor yesterday and got a steroid shot. I was able to get Morgan into the doctor this morning and of course, as I was undressing her and putting her little gown on, they were all but gone. Today, I was that over anxious, crazy mom, taking her kid into the doctor for what was seemingly nothing. Except I didn't want them to get as bad as Marks. We saw a new doctor in the practice today, and luckily, she was not annoyed very, very nice and told me not to worry about it.

So, after all the time in the car, and the waiting, and the trip to Target for anti-itch cream and bath soak, and the waiting, we were gone way longer than I cared to be. Especially since I was planning on this being a lazy, go-nowhere day. I pushed them to the limit. Beyond the limit. I now know what Parker is like without his 2+ hour morning nap. Oy! (We moved him out of this infant car seat just this week and into Morgan's old convertible seat. Now I can't just pop him in and out of the like I used to. And he loves to sleep in the car, so I had to wake him up a couple times to get him into the stroller.) Really, both of them were great about the whole thing, as I apologized over and over.

We are finally just finishing up lunch. Morgan is freshly bathed and clean and lubed up. Next up, a bath for Parker, in hopes of getting him to simmer down and induce a fantastic afternoon nap. We could actually all use a good nap.

Happy weekend everyone. I can't believe this is already the weekend we are celebrating Kristin and her little men and showering her with love and lots of baby goodies. I'm so excited!!


  1. sorry for all the craziness. It is a good thing tho that Morgan's hives are gone. How is Mark doing?

  2. Thanks mom. Mark is doing better. The hives are pretty much gone and he's just battling allergies now.

  3. Wow...was it an allergic reaction? Did Morgan's doctor have any idea of what it could have been? So excited for tomorrow...see you then! =)

  4. The doctor thought it might be something they were both in contact with. It's really hard to say what it could be. I'm just happy it was short lived and will definitely keep my eye on both of them for triggers.