Tuesday, January 4, 2011

back in the swing

It's a new year and I'm in the process of unscattering my thoughts, my intentions, my to-do's. Like my brain, this post might be a bit scattered and random, but here goes.
  • After almost two weeks off, Mark is back to work and greatly missed around here. It was incredibly nice to have him home. To watch him play with the kids and their new toys. To enjoy Belgian waffles with him. To see him relax. To relax with him. Morgan was pretty sad to hear that daddy went to work yesterday. At nap time, she asked, "Does daddy take a nap at work?" Ha ha, I bet he wishes he could.
  • Ali's One Little Word class started last week. This year I chose Focus. Focus on what is important - my family, myself, my home...Focus on not just doing what needs to get done, but making time to do what I want to do for myself. And as a family. Learn how to recognize my distractions and limit them. I'm sure this word will come to mean more to me as the year goes on but this is a good start. Ali is giving us monthly prompts and I'll share my layouts as I complete them. First I need some fresh printer cartridges.
  • No resolutions this year, just like last year. I work much better when I give myself goals. Monthly goals. Nothing terribly formal. Just things as simple as going to bed earlier (that's not going so well tonight) and getting Morgan motivated to use the potty again, to planning the kids birthday party, working on a few scrapbook projects and wrapping up some around-the-house stuff. Some are more important than others. What gets done, gets done. I'm just going to take it one month at a time.
  • I got my planner today. I love it! I'm actually a little nervous to start writing in it. Maybe tomorrow.
  • I ordered over 300 photos last weekend so I can promptly work on my December Daily album, plus another little project I have up my sleeve.
  • On the health and fitness front, I started Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred last week. The first day or two were rough, but after a week, I don't feel like I'm going to throw up (or die) afterwards. I'm a good sore and I hope I can stick with it because I don't think I've truly worked out since, I dunno, 2007? gasp!
K, seriously, time to hit the sack. Once I can get all my ducks in a row, I'll strive for less blah, blah, blah on this blog. :) 


    1. I like blah blah blah! =) I like seeing what you're up to, how the kiddies are growing, and what you're doing as a family...

    2. I love the blah blah blah!!!