Friday, January 21, 2011

5 favorites for Friday: toddler edition

Well, I got all of those baby favorites off my chest last week. How about some toddler favorites?

Dippy Cups - I saw these in a parenting magazine and thought they were adorable. Morgan loves dipping her food so I thought we'd try them out. She's been using them for a few months now and she uses them every single day. Syrup with pancakes and waffles. Veggie dip with carrots, cucumbers and celery. Honey with her chickie wickies. Ketchup for turkey dogs or sausage. Emily, if you are still looking for ideas for the store, these might be a really good, unique one.

Cooshee Classic booster seat -We moved Morgan out of the highchair a month or so before we let Parker start sitting in it - hoping to avoid the "mine" arguments. In exchange, I bought her a booster seat so she can sit in a big girl chair like the rest of us. Ours is "tangerine" (bright orange) and I really like it. More importantly, Morgan likes it and can climb up into her chair all by herself. It soft, not a hard plastic, so it's comfortable and it is really easy to clean - whether it's just shaking out crumbs over the sink or wiping off dried on messes with a wet rag. Plus, it 'sticks' to our chairs and you don't need buckles and straps to attach it. It also came with a carrying bag so we can easily take with us when we visit friends and relatives.

Potette Plus potty seat -When Morgan started getting really good at using the potty, we felt confident we could leave the house without putting her in a diaper. But first we needed a travel potty seat. This one is great! It doesn't fold down as compact as some of the other travel seats (which we tried and I hated as soon as I took out of the package) but it still fits easily in my diaper bag. Where we really get good use out of it is at home. We keep it in our bathroom, so if she is on that side of the house, she can use our bathroom too. It also came with bags that attach to the bottom and it folds into a potty chair so you could use it as a mini port-a-john too. Great for road trips or camping!

Baby Bjorn potty chair - I bought this little potty for Morgan over a year ago, just to get her familiar with the potty and wait for her to show an interest in using it. It's comfy and sturdy (which means we'll be able to use it with Parker too) and the little potty bowl comes out so you can dump the waste right in the toilet. She's never complained about using it - which is probably the most important part. She loves the little bear on the front.

bumGenius diaper sprayer - yup, another potty product. That's a big part of being a toddler, ya know! We got this diaper sprayer to rinse the solid waste from the kids cloth diapers into the toilet, which it works great for. (I'm sure you can imagine cleaning them off could be a little (barf) messy.) But what I really love it for is for cleaning out Morgan's potty chair after she's used it. It makes messy potty trips a lot more tolerable. It's like a little lawn hose for your toilet and it was super easy to install.

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