Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Parker: six months

rolls and rolls and rolls, right under the couch.

is LOUD! It's really hard to tell Morgan to use her inside voice when Parker is (happily) screaming.

gets frustrated if he can't be down on the floor when Morgan is playing.

I see him use his left hand to grab things more often than his right.Parker loves everything about Morgan. He watches her constantly and she can get him to laugh quite easily.

gives good belly laughs when daddy (gently) tosses him in the air.

can sit up on his own and scoots around the floor really well.
loves to stand and practice walking, slowly. A few people seem to think he will walk before he crawls, just like his mommy.

absolutely despises having his nose wiped.

has been teething practically the whole last month. His gums have been swollen for what seems like forever and it feels like his two bottom front teeth are just days away from making their appearance. We've been giving lots of Tylenol, teething tablets and hugs, and changing bibs constantly.

makes the most horrible gag face when he eats baby oatmeal. In his defense, it does smell awful. Even if I mix in pears or banana, he still hacks it up.

starting to want to feel the food in his mouth with his hands. Ah yes, I remember this messy phase now.
loves to practice using his fine motor skills by grasping puffs. 90% of the time they end up in his lap, but he is so happy when he gets one in his mouth, or if we help him. It's so cute to watch him mash them up with his gums.

when on his belly, he locks his elbows and tries to get up on his knees.
loves to dig through his toy bin. I try to leave some hanging over the edge for him to grab and pull out.

shows excitement by kicking his legs and flailing or holding his arms out when Mark and I approach him to pick him up.

lifts his head up when lying on his back, like he wants to sit up.

my only gripe is still the sleep issue. We spent most of the last month co-sleeping at least part, if not all, of the night. It has slowly gotten better this past week as we are starting to wean him off his pacifier. Well, at least off re-inserting it 20 times a night. He is sleeping a lot better. 4-5 hours between wakings/feedings has been nice!

doesn't know his own strength. He pulls and squeezes me hard - especially my neck and the backs of my arms...ouch!

his weight at home is 19 pounds! Morgan was hardly 20 pounds at her one year appointment. Parker sees the doctor next week, so we will get official measurements then.Happy half-birthday Parker-man!

P.S. I promise I'm not slacking already on my December Daily. We've been internet-less since Saturday while Mark finished up our entertainment / computer area. He's 99% done and it looks awesome! Anyways, I'll be catching up on my posts through the rest of this week. Lots of fun to share.

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