Monday, December 20, 2010


Today's lesson: How to Ride a Bike.

It wasn't easy explaining to her all of the different things she needs to do all at once - peddle (up, down, up, down), steer and look straight ahead - but between riding a few laps through the kitchen and living room last night before bed and a few hundred times today, I think she's really got the hang of it. She's had her first (and second) wipe-out already. Going too fast around the turn and trying to ride through the "snow" under the Christmas tree. I'm sure it won't be her last. Morgan loves to look behind her while she rides, or look at her reflection in the sliding glass doors and tv. Even through the frustration when she gets stuck in a corner and a few falls, she keeps repeating "This is a great bike!" Man, I love this girl and her incredible attitude.


  1. That is so cute. She looks like such a pro already on her bike. And you're right -- nothing seems to get her down -- just a happy happy little girl! =) Can't wait to see you guys on Saturday!

  2. Awesome attitude. Too funny about watching her reflection.