Monday, December 20, 2010


We started our Christmas celebrations today in Lansing. First stop: Mark's mom and stepdad's house for brunch and gifts along with Mark's brothers, Nick and girlfriend, Cortney, Derek, Pat and our nephew, Mason.
would be such a cute picture if I wasn't making that face...

I'm so excited for this little guys first Christmas. I wasn't surprised that Parker was pretty thrilled about tossing around a few boxes. Getting them unwrapped without a little paper in his mouth was a struggle though. :) He just squealed and screamed the whole time.
We all got some great gifts, but I'm most excited about our family membership to the Detroit Zoo! What an awesome idea! Morgan's favorite was her first big girl bike - the cutest little pink Huffy! And just as I anticipated, Morgan also loves Parker's toys. Especially his activity table and stuffed puppy. He also got a little boat that Morgan will likely be the first to break-in in the bath tub. She's got to make sure it works and all. You know, such a protective big sister.

Parker's excitement quickly turned into over-stimulation, so he was quick to fall asleep for a nap. After he woke up, we went to Mark's grandpa's house to celebrate with the rest of the extended family - aunts, uncles, cousins and kids. I never know how Morgan is going to react to being around a bunch of relatives that she only sees a couple times a year, but as soon as we walked in, she was happy and talkative. Phew! She even got a hold of her great-grandpa's Santa hat and was yelling "ho ho ho!" while all the men were trying to watch the end of the Lions game. Ha ha! By the way, how 'bout them Lions? An article about their first road win in over 3 years will likely make it into my album for today.

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