Monday, December 13, 2010


Morgan and I took a very brief stint outside this morning, because she did not understand that 9 degrees is very cold. We got bundled up and it only took one slip on the ice in the driveway to get her back inside. We opted to head to the kitchen instead and try take two on the holiday Jello jigglers. This time I read the correct directions. After their afternoon naps, we tried them out.

"Good job, mommy" Morgan said. Love the post-nap bed head.

And I couldn't leave sweet Parker out. I considered it a little sensory activity for him! He loved it!

Tonight, we are snuggling by the fire and eating popcorn in front of the big screen. I don't want to get up!


  1. Wow if that is not excitement on Parker's face, I don't know what is! Did Morgan also say "these are pretty cool"? I just can't get over that phrase of hers! =)

  2. those pictures of Parker are so cute!