Thursday, December 9, 2010


Share has been a big word around here the last couple weeks. Now that Parker can actually sit and play with Morgan, he wants nothing more than to play with her. Morgan isn't always thrilled about that. For as long as she's known, they have all been her toys. Of course, she is a toddler, and to her, everything is MINE!

if it's mine it's mine,
if it's yours it's mine,
if I like it is mine,
if I can take it from you it is mine,
if I am playing with something ALL of the pieces are mine,
if I think it is mine it is,
if I saw it first it's mine,
if I had it then put it down it is still mine,
if you had it then you put it down it is now mine,
if it looks like the one I have at home it is mine,
if it is broken it is yours.
So, it has been a bit of a challenge explaining to Morgan that yes, these may be your toys, but you are going to share with your brother because he shares his toys with you. As if he had a choice. She has already claimed several of "his" toys as her own, including a sweet little stuffed puppy she has adoringly named Stinker.

But I think, maybe, it may be sinking in. Tonight after dinner, I heard Parker digging through the bin of Little People (he loves to tip it over and dump them out!) and Morgan squealed "NNOOOOOOO PARKER! That's mine!" Mark reminded her that those toys are for both of them, and she needs to share. She replied with a very enthusiastic and agreeable "OK Daddy!" Then she ran to me in the kitchen, very proud of herself, and said "Mommy, look, I'm sharing with Parker!"

Opening Christmas presents could be interesting this year. I wonder what Morgan will claim as hers.

P.S. Can you tell Morgan is ready for the snow? She loves wearing her new snow pants around the house!


  1. Funny, that's the exact same motto Lola has!

  2. Hopefully she can get some use out of those snow pants this weekend! See you tomorrow! =)

  3. "Mine" right up there with "No" in a toddlers vocabulary. Too funny! Very glad to hear that she is sharing tho.

  4. OMG I laughed so hard I couldn't breath GREAT BLOG. I love my Grandchildren.