Thursday, December 9, 2010


Last night, we wrapped our Christmas tree in lights.
Mark tried to get Morgan to help follow him around the tree with the lights, but they were "too heavy."
A little to the right, daddy!
Parker just squealed with delight and Morgan said it looked very pretty. She is still more interested in the tiny fiber optic tree on the other side of the room. Remember her with it two years ago? She says that is her and Parker's tree. The big one is for mommy and daddy.

We've also received our first holiday cards. I need to figure out a way to display them. And I better get crackin' on addressing ours.


  1. I have an idea for your Christmas cards, because you don't have tree decorations yet, tuck them into the tree branches for display and decoration. Happy Holidays hope to see you at some point.

  2. How cute. I always love to hear Morgan's reactions to things. Little ones always have the cutest little comments.

  3. Bum deal that the lights were "too heavy". ha ha Christmas with little ones around is awesome.