Thursday, December 2, 2010


It was a lazy, snowy, stay-in-our-pj's morning. It isn't often that we aren't running some kind of errand before lunch. Morgan and I were all ready to make some Christmas Jello Jigglers when I realized I read the directions for regular jello. Jigglers don't need the cold water. Grr. I had to apologize and explain that mommy messed up and we'll try again in a few days. My little helper was very understanding and said 'It's okay, Mommy. You tried.' Just like I tell her if she has an accident on the way to the potty. Aww...


  1. No way! I just love the comments she sincere and so grown up. =) Hopefully you at least got some green jello to eat, even if they weren't the "fun" jigglers! =)

  2. Toooooo cute! And did I tell you those pj's are so very cute too.