Monday, November 8, 2010

Parker: five months

The latest on our not-so-little Parker man:is getting a lot better at grabbing things.

grabs his toes but can’t quite make them up to his mouth. I blame the long torso.had his first bowl of rice cereal this month and loves it. Lots of mmm. Also tried bananas, applesauce and pears. Not as much of a fan. Likes to chew on the spoon afterwards.

no more swaddling for Parker. He kept rolling over on his belly while wrapped up and couldn’t roll back on his back. Now he always rolls on his left side when he sleeps.loves to look at our hands and fingers. And chew on them.

rolled back to belly at 19 weeks and now when we put him down on his back, he rolls to his belly within seconds. He loves to be on his belly (hence all the pictures of him on his tummy). Sometimes he’ll roll several times to get over to some different toys, which is very cute. He gets pretty upset if he rolls on his belly while sleeping though.

almost too big (long and wide) for his infant carseat. The current (daddy + Parker) - daddy weight is about 18 pounds!not a good thing, but Parker loves TV – kids shows, sports, watching people sing and dance. And especially Super Why.

he is giggling more – mostly from silly noises and facial expressions.

is beginning to respond to his name.
when in a seated position, Parker props himself up with his hands to try to sit up by himself.

has been making lots of new sounds, including an adorable buzzing sound with his lips and blowing spit bubbles - I think he's trying to blow raspberries.

Next up: a half birthday! I can hardly believe it.


  1. Very cute pictures. I love his animated face (except for the one he gave me yesterday...I'll blame that one on still being hungry!) =)

  2. he is SO cute!! And will be bigger than Jack any day. Today at his 2 year appt he weighed in at 23.4 lbs.