Wednesday, October 13, 2010

lean on me

Parker and Morgan's beloved bear, Clancy, watching the Red Wings game last night.

Lots of randomness from the last 24. Scheduled another drywall quote (thanks sis!). Edited the journaling for my pregnancy album (need to print tonight). Storytime at the library. Slides and swings at Shiawassee Park (before the rain, thank goodness).  Lunch.  2-hour afternoon naps by both kids. Put on my coziest hoodie and socks and just enjoyed the silence for a bit. Scrambled around the house looking for chocolate. I'm trying to stop eating so much (crap) and it's not going well. I resorted to making chocolate milk the old-fashioned way - milk and Hershey's syrup. Watched Parker starting to play (his reaching and grasping gets better every day). Ate Kashi crackers and string cheese with Morgan. Brainstormed my December Daily album and started consolidating my Christmas scrapbook supplies. So happy I don't have to make dinner tonight. We are having leftover enchiladas and rice...mmm!