Thursday, October 21, 2010

fingers crossed

The sleep situation has gone from bad to worse here. Worse meaning waking every 30 minutes. And not wanting to sleep in his crib. He spent last night in the swing and in our bed. Thank you Mark for taking the early morning shift. I haven't had 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep in a while. And Morgan tried to join us. Three times. For real? Dear God it has been 6 weeks, when is this going to end?

Speaking of the hubby, he's been greatly missed here at home. Poor guy has been working his tail off, especially this week, and I feel like I'm lucky if I've seen him an hour a day. But I am crossing my fingers that tonight is the last late night for a little while. In my fragmented sleep induced haze, I blew up at him yesterday for something he didn't even know about. A conversation I had with him in my head. Eck! Not cool Nicole. And again, I'm sorry, bub.

Ok, rant over (applause). In fact, I think I'm going to take a little blog break next week. I'm falling behind and I need to adjust my priorities. I need to get me and the kids ready for a little road trip on Saturday. Plus lots more renovation work to so we are ready for drywall in a little over a week. Yea baby! Tomorrow, this mama is getting a teeny break for a pedicure.

So, happy weekend to you. I'm going to go enjoy the final minutes of silence while the kids finish their naps.


  1. Whoa....don't know what to say about the sleep situation.But you defintely aren't getting enough sleep, which messes with your memory. I'm sure Mark has forgiven you for the blow up. See you soon.

  2. Jack slept for 3 months in the basinette, 3 months in the crib, and he's been in our bed since he was 6 months old. Next baby will be in our bed likely from day 1. Breastfeeding/sleeping is so much easier when the baby is in bed with you. :)