Sunday, September 12, 2010

shop til you drop

We had a little change of plans yesterday so we decided to do some clothes shopping for the kids because apparently, it's fall. Not according to my calendar, but, whatever. They both need cooler weather clothes and Morgan needed shoes. So off to Ann Arbor we went.
But first, Starbucks. Sue turned me on to the Pumpkin Spice Chai. Good Lord, why didn't I think of this? It was fantastic, and my new favorite.

Our first stop in Ann Arbor was Elephant Ears. We were a little confused (and a little freaked out) when we approached the store and there was a new tenant there. Luckily they had moved (and not closed) into a much larger 2-story space around the corner and it is awesome! I wish we had more time to look around, although our bank account was probably happy we left without making a big dent. Just some new tennies for Morgan and Smartwools for both. Poor Morgan inherited her mama's big feet. Somehow she skipped 2 shoe sizes. At least she is tall.And then of course it started to rain, so after lunch we left town, picked up a couple more gallons of cider at the cider mill (yeah, they opened last weekend!) and headed home. Morgan snuggled up on Mark and napped on the couch and later we were all so pooped from walking around that we had cereal for dinner. It was Morgan's idea, so I ran with it!

Today we hit Carter's and Old Navy. We found lots of cute clothes and jammies for Morgan but I've been disappointed in the infant boys clothing selection at both stores. Boo! (Hey, speaking of Old Navy - I heard the store in Novi is not closed but they have been remodeling and are opening back up on Thursday!) Back home for lunch and the Lions game. Double boo!

Tonight I'm trying to straighten up and get ready for the week. I'm hoping to avoid the long, needless errands that made all three of us cranky last Friday. Sorry kiddos, I'll take the blame for that one. I was trying to do too much, too quickly. So far this week we just have a lunch date on Friday.

Time to sign off for now. I have given myself a new rule: no internet after 10pm. Time flies after Morgan and Parker go to bed and I need to make it a little more productive. Or go to bed. Happy new week!


  1. heh. I had many PSC over the course of the weekend :) The barista was very intigued by the combo!
    A few weeks ago I saw the ON 'Now hiring' sign up next to the new Best Buy...I thought they were going in there!

  2. Cereal for dinner---hey that's something I would do. ha ha