Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Parker: three months

Goodness, didn't I just write his two month post?
This is what Parker is up to:
  • even while swaddled, this little guy moves a lot at night. From one end of the crib to the other and even 180 degrees.
  • I attempted to put him to bed unswaddled one night, just to see if he really needed it. After only 15 minutes, that was a big fat negatory ghost rider. The swaddling continues but he loves to be unwrapped in the morning.
  • had his first round of vaccinations. He screamed bloody murder, but only until the shots were over. He was a little fussy and sleepy that day but otherwise he was completely fine - phew!
  • we heard his first laugh at his two month appointment. Dr. Parikh was checking his hips and he loved it! We haven't heard him laugh like that since though. Just a few short chuckles.
  • starting to use his hands - rubbing his eyes, gnawing on his fists and batting at toys over his head. His hands are still clinched in fists a lot of the time but in the last couple weeks I have noticed he is relaxing them a bit more. He's also getting pretty good at sucking his thumb. :)
  • sleeps 7-8 hours on average in a single stretch. I've been lucky enough to get 9-10 hours a handful of times.
  • eyes Morgan and her toys with lots of excitement and curiosity. He kicks his legs like he just cannot wait to move and play with her.
  • likes to roll onto his left side and is starting to try to roll from belly to back.
  • took a couple more trips to the beach: Bald Mountain Recreation Area and Island Lake State Recreation Area. Both times he slept most of the time on a blanket in the shade. He has made it so easy to do things outside the house this summer.
  • can pull things up to his mouth - clothes, his lovey, pacifier, burp cloth. He's still drooling like crazy too. I didn't think I'd be buying bibs for him this soon.
  • got his first haircut from daddy.
  • Parker's personality is starting to shine through. He is so happy and laid back. He is pretty chatty and squeals with delight during diaper changes. He really only makes a fuss if he needs a change of scenery or position. It's adorable to hear him "talk" to us if we aren't paying complete attention to him. As soon as you look at him and talk a little bit, he is all smiles. Like "hey, don't forget about me!"
  • likes to practice bearing weight on his legs.
  • can sleep just about anywhere but does not like to wake up somewhere different than where he fell asleep. He's fallen asleep in his bouncy chair while we eat dinner, under his activity mat with the lights and music still playing, outside in his swing while we were tearing out the landscaping in our backyard, and during tummy time. Occasionally he still falls asleep in my arms but overall I think he prefers taking motionless horizontal naps. So not like his sister at this age.
  • is going to need to start taking his baths in the kitchen sink. He is just too long for his infant tub.
  • weight guess: 15 pounds
Thanks again for my super cozy sweater Sue! It's been perfect for the chilly mornings this past week. And look Gramm, I got my puppy back!


  1. awesome! I'm so glad it gits him :)

  2. Thanks for the update and all the pictures! He is adorable! And yes, I did notice the puppy in the last pic. :)

  3. Way cute! Can't believe how big he's getting. I love the pics and that is super funny about the puppy. What did he have to do to get it away from Morgan?!?? =) I bet Morgan is excited to have a playing partner soon!