Tuesday, September 14, 2010

gettin' my crop on...again

Before Parker was born, I packed my scrapbook stuff away to make room for the mess that would be involved with our future kitchen remodel. It was inevitable that with having a new baby in the house, there wasn't going to be much time or energy for scrapbooking anyways. Now that the kitchen cabinets are in and we are settling into our new routine, Mark and I have agreed that we should each get a few hours each week to do something fun, on our own. Sweetness!

While Mark has been using his time off to go mountain biking, I am going to take the opportunity to catch up on my scrapbook projects. But first, I had to pull my supplies out of storage and set up my stash again.

My original scrapbook shelf is being used for toy storage so I used one of the shelves that Mark and I built back in college. Wow, this thing is like 10 years old. It's held up pretty well! Anyways, I set it up in the family room and it is a very condensed version of my old shelf but now with just the basics:
  • cardstock and patterned paper
  • paper trimmer
  • tool caddy full of adhesive, pens, scissors, etc.
  • punches
  • embellishments and stickers
  • everyday stamps
  • idea books and magazines
  • my favorite completed albums
  • albums in progress
Everything else, like the rest of my stamps, paint and markers, is staying in our craft cabinet, which is a big fat mess right now. That will be an organization project in itself.

First on my list of albums to finish: my pregnancy album.

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