Wednesday, September 15, 2010

especially her grandchildren

After months of fighting to get well, my Grandma Frahm passed away on Labor Day. I shared a sad and emotional conversation with my sister on Monday when she called me with the news. My Grandma had been between the hospital and the nursing home all summer long and for weeks I was waiting for the call from my mom saying she was finally going home. Instead, she is now at peace in her new home.

When my tears began to fade, I was immediately reminded of all of the fond memories I have of her, e
specially from my childhood. Kristin and I always looked forward to our weeks long summer vacations visiting you and Grandpa in Hubbard Lake. All the swimming, the boat rides, making ice cream sundaes, s'mores and caramel popcorn. Sharing Great-Grandpa Barbieri's old art supplies with me. Playing with all of your pretty fabrics and learning how to use the sewing machine by making hair scrunchies. Walking up to the west shore party store for Superman ice cream cones. Helping you perm your hair (wow, you were brave!) And you loved to take us shopping. Oh the shopping we did! Trip after trip after trip into Alpena and Houghton Lake, back to school shopping, Black Friday shopping at Fairlane Mall, driving down to Saginaw just because. And of course all of the holidays - Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and birthdays. You were there for my high school and college graduations and even my baby shower. My brain is flooded with wonderful moments with you.

Kristin got me a newspaper with her obituary in it last week and after reading it Friday night, I was filled with sadness again. Mostly from this: "...she enjoyed gardening, cooking and her family, especially her grandchildren."

The feeling is mutual Grandma. More than you will even know. You were such a huge part of my life, such a happy part of my life. I will hold each and every one of these memories close to my heart forever. I miss you so much. Hugs to my dad, my Aunt Georgine and of course, my Grandpa Frahm. I love you all.


  1. couldn't have said it better...ditto to EVERYTHING..(many tears)...

  2. Awesome memories. Not only did she love you, but she was proud of you also. Especially the fact that you did well in school and graduated from college. And she was proud of Mark also....working and getting his master's degree and being a great "hands on" father. Even going thru all the medical problems, she always asked about you and your family. I don't think anyone could have asked for a better grandma. (or mother in law for that fact)