Saturday, August 21, 2010

tonight, tonight

  • watching the Lions game with Mark (they are winning!)
  • neglecting my to-do list, and the laundry
  • thinking about making these for breakfast tomorrow morning
  • uploading photos of Parker on facebook (it's about time)
  • contemplating buying tickets to shows for Morgan and us in October.
  • enjoying a glass of wine
  • which has resulted in giggling uncontrollably ;)
Today was huge for this 'lil babe. She's been wearing underwear for the majority of the time we spend at home (other than nap and bedtime) and we've been taking hourly trips to the potty in an attempt to get her potty trained. She rocks when it comes to peeing on the potty. Poop - not so much. Yeah, sorry. This is a poop story. If this is TMI, skip to the next paragraph. Like a lot of kids, she just hasn't been able to do it. She's had several accidents that she was obviously embarrassed (and uncomfortable) about, so without scolding her, we just tried to explain that she needs to tell us when she needs to go potty. That we don't poop in our underwear. But today she did it. She went to the bathroom, completely on her own while I was making lunch, saying "I have to go potty". I didn't think much of it until she yelled "I went potty!" As I went to check on her, she said "I pooped in the potty". Seriously? Yup! I was so happy for her! Ha ha! It was the highlight of the day. And we were sure to make a huge deal of it. We told Morgan how proud we are of her and she said "I'm proud of myself too."

This week: I've been on a little organizing kick. Our kitchen countertops were installed on Wednesday (and they are awesome!) so I got to finish rearranging all of our stuff. And now that we're getting into a routine with Parker, I've been bitten by the scrapbooking bug and started pulling all of my scrapbook stuff out of storage and paring it down to the essentials. I have a couple of projects to start and a couple of projects to finish. But first I wanted to simplify. I'm not getting rid of anything though. Just moving it into a cabinet in our family room as a jumpstart to a little arts and crafts cabinet for the kids. Paint, stamps, paper, playdoh...behind childproof latches.

Tomorrow: another trip to the beach with Morgan's BFF Lola and her family. This time, the pond at Island Lake Recreation Area. Sun and 81 degrees, nice!

This coming week should be interesting...


  1. YOU GO MORGAN! I can totally hear her saying "I'm proud of myself too!" Of course it was all grammatically correct too I bet?!? That would be totally cool to take her to Yo Gabba Gabba -- she'd love it, I think! Have fun at the beach tomorrow and hopefully we can catch up soon...

  2. Oh my gosh! That's awesome. So glad she was proud of herself also. :) (Didn't realize you kicked potty training up a notch.) Sounds like everything is going well. Nice to hear that scrapbooking is a real possibility.

  3. I love my family!