Saturday, August 7, 2010

Parker: two months

Happy 2 months Parker!
Here's the latest from this past month:
  • recognizes Mark, Morgan and I. At first it was our voices. He especially loves his daddy's voice - you should see his face light up when Mark comes home from work. Now it's our faces. He watches very intently as Morgan plays. And it warms my heart to see him stop fussing when he sees me. :)
  • loves to be upright - while being burped, snuggling chest to chest and walking around in the front carrier.
  • after a little experimenting, I decided to keep him swaddled at night. Between that and a small high velocity fan as white noise, Parker has gone from sleeping 4-6 hours in one stretch at the beginning of July to 7-8 hours straight now. That first 8 hour night freaked me out - I woke up in a panic and rushed to his room, sure something was wrong. No worries mommy, I'm just sleeping...zzz...
  • attended his first Reaves family reunion. Below is a pic of Parker with Mark, his dad and grandpa - four generations of Reaves men!
  • continues to gain more head and neck strength. Now he's even starting to try to lift his head when he is in his bouncy seat or carseat. Parker also sat in the bumbo chair for the first time last week.
  • joined us for our first meal out as a family of four. Nothing big, just lunch at Potbelly. Of course, he slept through the whole thing, just 10 feet away from the lunch hour musician.
  • prefers the bouncy chair over the swing. In case you couldn't tell from all the pictures!
  • gives tons of huge gummy smiles, cooing and squeals. Love those squeals!
  • enjoys being out and about. Good thing, because I don't like sitting around the house all day and Morgan likes to see other kids. We've hit Heritage Park and Shiawassee Park, took a trip to the beach at Pontiac Lake, the library's storytime in downtown Farmington and lots of errands.
  • began turning his head to follow sounds and movement, especially people.
  • packed up his newborn x-small cloth diapers a couple weeks ago! And he is just about done with the 0-3 month clothes. We think he'll weigh-in around 13 pounds at his two month checkup on Monday. I will share then.
  • likes to gnaw on his fists and is drooling like crazy. I hope he isn't teething already??


  1. Love the updates and all the pics! Glad to hear he is sleeping so long too (I bet you were too once you got over the shock!). Can't wait to catch up once we come home!

  2. Ditto on the updates and pictures. Have to get some developed for the great-grandmas. Can't wait to spend more time with children.