Friday, July 2, 2010

race against the clock

Every day it seems I've been playing a little game with myself to see how much I can get done while Parker naps. Whether he is in his car seat sleeping after running errands, or sawing logs in my arms or the sling, I feel this need to go...go...go. Relax isn't a word often found in my vocabulary. Although we did sleep until 11am the other day. Believe it!

Other than the fact that I bore easily, part of the reason I feel the need to get things done is because Mark and I have decided to take Morgan out of daycare for the rest of the summer and save some money while I'm on maternity leave. Things are about to go from busy to chaotic in just about a week. So, I'm on a mission. And of course, there is a list. I've been slowly working on Parker's birth announcements. Yeah, I know. He'll be one month old next week! Running to the library. Non-stop laundry. Remembering to take more pictures. Collecting ideas for activities to do with Morgan and coming up with a rough daily schedule in an attempt to keep her from getting bored with all the baby stuff that is occupying her mama. Thinking about setting up my scrapbook space again on a smaller scale so I can keep up with Parker's first year scrapbook (well, at least the journaling). Groceries, thank you's, laundry and some random internet time - which seems to completely suck the time away. That is one thing I'm trying to do less of.

Having Morgan home is going to be a pretty interesting little challenge that I am slightly terrified about. Luckily she loves her little brother to pieces and I'm not worried at all about her trying to hurt him. I just hope I can give them both the attention they deserve. On top of all of the usual daily household stuff that keeps my little family happy and healthy. Any and all words of wisdom are greatly appreciated!

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  1. I think everyone does things different, but for me it was easier when I got you and Kristin to nap at the same time. Gave me a chance to do laundry and a little bit of cleaning. As for any amount of house cleaning and grocery shopping, that required dads help. I found even with feeding and taking care of Kristin, that I could still give you the attention you needed. I think you might be surprised how you can pull it off. You're very organized and efficient and that will definitely help. And remember you don't have to do everything your self, Mark can help.