Tuesday, June 22, 2010

rock the potty

Back in January was when Morgan first successfully used the potty but not long after that, her interest faded. A couple months ago, I finally printed up a little sticker chart for her and hung it on the bathroom mirror. The girl loves stickers (and band-aids, oddly enough) so I thought she might see the incentive in doing things as minor as washing her hands to get a sticker for her chart (and her hand).The sticker chart caught on pretty quick, especially the last several weeks. And with the help of her daycare teachers - who take all of the kids to the bathroom to try to go potty every other hour - she has been using the toilet most of the time she has to go to the bathroom. Once I can get into a routine with having another little one around, I hope to make it a better habit of taking her to the bathroom like she does at school. Most of the time she just tells us "I have to go to the potty" and she runs to the bathroom, pulls down her pants and takes off her diaper before we can even get in there to supervise her!

The top 3 rows of her chart are full now - I told mommy/daddy I have to potty, I pulled down my pants and I peed in the potty. No poop in the potty yet. Baby steps. Way to go kiddo! As if I needed more proof that you are a big girl now and how independent you've become.


  1. Way to go Morgan (and mommy and daddy!)!!!!

  2. We are so proud of you Morgan! Keep up the good work.