Saturday, June 5, 2010

Morgan: 2 Years

loves possiples (popsicles) and frozen watermelon cubes. I bought a Zoku pop maker during an attempted labor inducing walk at the mall on Thursday and cannot wait to make some sweet and healthier-than-the-grocery-store treats with her. We took popsicles to school on Friday to share with her friends after nap because it was one of the few things I could think of that was dairy and nut free. Apparently, they were a big hit!

is a singing and dancing machine. I love watching her and Mark jump around the living room dancing to the music we usually listen too. Favorites she can sing from kiddie playlist are Ba Ba Black Sheep, The Farmer in the Dell and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

completely amazed how she went from speaking partial words to full words to 2-word phrases to full sentences to songs! How in the world did that happen?

my favorite now is when she is looking at something, maybe even an everyday object, and says "what's this/that?" Not because I don't think she knows what it is, but because she is mocking us and/or her teachers. I'll be the first to admit when I read books to her, I'll ask "Morgan, what's this?" or "What color it that?" and I know they do that at school too.

started saying "I don't know" with the up-turned hand gesture and shoulder shrug (so cute!). That could also be partially my fault. An example: sometimes when Mark gets home from work and asks what I want for dinner, I've often said "I don't know, how about blank and blank". So last week, Mark asked Morgan what she wanted for dinner and she says very matter-of-factly "I don't know, wickies?" Wickies are short for chicky wickies - the much cuter sounding name I made up for chicken tenders. What a little smarty pants!

has been kicking some major butt, especially this last week, with using her little potty. She's used it on her own 4 times at home and once at school. And letting her initiate it and do it all herself seems to work best for her. She says "Morgan go poo poo in the potty", runs to the bathroom and takes her pants/shorts/dress bloomers off, takes her diaper off and sits down. As soon as she's done, she stands up and exclaims "I did it!". We had abandoned it for a little while, but her sticker potty chart is already filling up nicely. Pressure free though. I am completely prepared for a regression once her little brother arrives.

is Ms. Independent. She is already showing an opinion about her clothing and tells us what she does and doesn't want to wear. Even down to the color of her diaper. We are hearing a lot of "I wanna do it" these past couple weeks - getting dressed, putting her diaper on, washing her hands, climbing into her car seat, and on and on.

plays very well on her own. As I type, she is undressing her babies, diapering them and wrapping them in blankets. It's hard not to rush over there and play with her, but I know this is good for her, and us. Uh oh, there go her pants...trying to be a silent observer...

is still adjusting to her big girl room. Her sleeping habits took a bit of a turn, especially considering she was such a fantastic crib sleeper. It's more of a struggle to get her to stay in bed without us staying in her room until she falls asleep, but as far as I'm concerned, I'm okay with that for now. She's already dealing with so much change right now (not her fault), so sleep training isn't going to make it on that list too.

has become super clingy in the last couple weeks, especially to me. Wanting me to hold her, pick her up, hug her, pay attention to her and only her. And if she needs daddy and he is watching TV, she knows just what to do. She turns the TV off! I think at times I've been just as clingy and suffocating to her, trying to soak up every little bit of her sweetness and cuteness...

...most of the time. She's been throwing some random but fierce temper tantrums too. Part frustration, part independence, part terrible two's. Luckily she usually does it when both Mark and I are home and we are usually able to save the other one from exploding.

Today's big birthday plans: whatever she wants. I'm anticipating some cupcake baking, frosting eating, Art on the Grand and a trip to the park if the weather cooperates. But not the birth of her baby brother. Not today. Happy birthday sweet pea!!


  1. Happy, happy birthday Morgan! We love you. Love the braids also. How yummy were the cupcakes?

  2. Too cute. I like how she has already learned how to get your attention (especially Mark's!). Can't wait to hear her say she wants some "wickies"...too cute! What an intelligent little girlie!