Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial weekend

Since we weren't sure where we'd be (home or hospital or in between), we just kind of rolled with the punches and made up plans as we went last weekend.

Saturday must not've been very exciting because I cannot for the life of me even remember what we did -
what the hell? Must be prego brain.
On Sunday morning we took a trip to the Detroit Zoo with one of Mark's co-workers, Bill, and his family. Morgan loved loved loved it and couldn't stop talking about the monkeys. Until we rode the train back to the front of the park. Man, oh man, she was not happy about getting off the train. She just kept whining no, no, no as we walked out the gates and back to the parking structure. If we can swing it with a new baby, I think there are going to be many zoo visits this summer.

That afternoon we invited Morgan's BFF, Lola, and her parents and little sister over for a last minute dinner, as well and Kevin and Erika. Seriously, Erika better watch her back because I think Morgan has a mad crush on Kevin. Never have I seen her act so ga-ga over another man other than her daddy. We even saw him for a little bit last night and she asked him for a kiss. Woah! :) So, the girls spent much of the late afternoon in Morgan's little kiddie pool and after dinner, pushing each other around the backyard in the little car we got her for her birthday. It was so awesome to watch them play (and willingly share and say "your turn") and talk to each other. After our guests left, Morgan crashed hard for the night. Mark and I cleaned up the kitchen and she dragged her biggest teddy bear onto the kitchen floor to lay on it and watch us. And a big woohoo, she actually slept past 7am Monday morning - so unlike her lately.

On Monday, Mark rode the trails at the Tree Farms in Walled Lake and Morgan and I ran errands to Target and "the market". As we drove past Grand River, which was blocked off for the parade, I was totally bummed that we forgot it! For years, Mark and I lived right on the parade route, so we never missed it. Whoops! Morgan would have loved all of the fire trucks and marching bands again. Luckily, the Founders Festival is just around the corner.

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