Monday, May 17, 2010

still kickin'

yup, yup, I'm still here. And still pregnant. Last week was crazy busy.
We got Morgan moved into her permanent bedroom. No more room hopping for her. Until we pack up and leave the house completely. I'm hoping to take some nice bright pics this weekend.
We threw Morgan a small second birthday party. That will be a post all in itself. It went very well after our guests arrived but I learned I should never throw a party when I'm pregnant. I was a ditz about many things - not reading directions, buying too much of this and that. And I learned not to attempt to make my first layer cake before anything important. Thank goodness for Plum Market.
I ran enough errands to make my head spin. All very productive though. House plants, lightbulbs, party food and supplies, gifts for the birthday girl, a much needed haircut and my favorite stop, cloth diapers for our he's-going-to-be-here-before-you-know-it little boy. Those bags above are full of some adorable goodies. And I'm just getting started with an adorable diaper stash. Again, worthy of a post all it's own.

This week: lots of laundry - diapers, clothes and bedding. Assembling baby2's dresser and setting up his room. An ultrasound and doctor's appointment (let's hope for some dilation!). Stocking up on food and household supplies. Charging my iPod for the hospital (even though I didn't even touch it last time). Installing the car seat. Packing hospital bags. And Friday...ahh, Friday...Kristin and I are getting our nails did, shopping and she's going to walk my tail off and get some labor started. Word on the street is I'm having this baby this weekend. No sooner, no later.


  1. Love it! Yes, I'm walking your butt off on Friday and making sure they massage your feet long and hard until the baby is ready to come out. Even if it isn't this weekend, anytime before next Wednesday at 8am when we leave for camp! =)

  2. Morgan's birthday party was fun and delicious. And this weekend would be great for baby2's arrival. I'd like to see the new diaper stash. I'm sure it's above and beyond the cloth diapers I'm used too. Thought about you ALL day yesterday. Can hardly believe your due date is only a couple weeks away. :) Keep us posted on your doctor's updates.

  3. Well if this weekend is IT I wish you luck and an easy delivery! How exciting :)