Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Morgan: 23 months

  • sings, sings, sings. Ring Around the Rosie and 10 Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed are this months favorites.
  • rocks the ABC's - minus E-K
  • moved out of her crib to a big girl bed (mattress on the floor for now).
  • won't sleep much past 7am. Birds start chirping at 6am and she seems to wake up shortly after - despite her blinds and windows being closed. I think it's funny that she still calls for us when she's awake, even though she is perfectly capable of getting out and coming over to our room. Like she needs permission to leave her bed.
  • understands the context of 'okay' and uses it often. Has suddenly become very agreeable. :)
  • although she has been quite whiny after school during the week. She doesn't always transition well from school to home.
  • quickly moved on from 2 word phrases to full blown sentences. Much of which I've noticed are things we've said to her. Last Friday when Mark picked her up at school and they pulled into the driveway, she saw that his car was in the garage. She said "Daddy's already home!", something I've said when I see that Mark has beat us home after work. Mark reminded her that daddy was right there with her...pretty funny! On Monday, she passed by the laundry room, came in and said "Mommy, what are you doing? Laundry?"
  • constantly wants to 'nack' (snack). Especially fruit and graham bunnies. She's a finicky eater again - thinks she will get a snack after dinner if she doesn't eat anything. No ah ah, kiddo. Eating 2 meals out of 3 is usually the best we can get.
  • loves to rub mommy's belly and kiss her little brother. I can't believe she is going to be a big sister in the next 4 weeks. Or two years old for that matter.
  • and the heartbreaker of the month: Yesterday while we were in the car on our way home from Lowe's, she said out of the blue, "Daddy, I love you" "Mommy, I love you"


  1. I love the positive reinforcement of "yeah" after her ABC's. Mom told me about her "double goo" -- too cute to actually hear it though. I love the sentences though...the "I love you" has got to be tear-jerking (in a good way!) Go Morgan!!!

  2. loves to rub mommy's belly and kiss her brother. how sweet. And the I love you's are so sweet too! Quite the special moments. :) You should get Mark to take a picture of her kissing her brother. Extra cute "scrapbook layout"