Saturday, May 1, 2010

May to-do's

It's crunch time! Baby2 is due in plus or minus 33 days and we haven't slowed down in the project department. Lots of little 'get ready for the baby' to-do's too, like laundry and packing our hospital bags.

The big must do this month is getting Morgan's new room in order. She's done really well this last week with getting used to her big girl bed (and has only rolled out a couple times without even waking herself) and now that we are all moved over into the 'new' side of the house, it's high time I start cranking on her permanent room, hopefully without too much confusion on her part. After the room gets measured for carpet this morning, I'm going in, paint roller in hand.

I've also started collecting storage boxes and bins for the kids toys and hope to
get that set up soon - probably this weekend. I've already temporarily moved my scrapbook supplies to one of the cabinets in our new mudroom, so the bookshelf I want to use is ready to go. This will be a fun and easy 'sit on the floor and let Morgan help me organize her stuff' project.

Other things going on this month:

  • Morgan's second birthday party
  • manicures, pedicures and birthday shopping with my little almost 30 sis
  • work on my Week in the Life album
  • a long overdue haircut
  • stock this place up with food and household essentials
  • visit No Pins Required for cloth diapers for my kiddo's

That sounds manageable, right? I better get moving...

P.S. Thank you for all of the nice anniversary wishes. Mark and I had a wonderful dinner, just the two of us, at Cafe Cortina. Lots of laughing and talking and smiling. It was a perfect night. Huge thank you to Kristin for watching Morgan while we were out. And, you can expect some more (and far better quality) videos on the blog in the future. Mark got me a Flip MinoHD video camera for our anniversary. It's so bloody cute. I'm already driving Morgan nuts recording her - she just screams "no no no no" :)

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  1. Still plugging away at your projects. This months list doesn't seem so difficult. Can't wait to see the kids rooms when they're complete. I hope you don't drive Morgan crazy with your new video recorder. :) Or am I too late?