Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I got the swing

Mark and I took Morgan to Shiawassee Park for a picnic and playing on Sunday. She's loved swings ever since we took her there last year. And would much rather play on the equipment for 5-15 year olds than the slides and ramps that are just her size. The girl has no fear climbing two flights of stairs to go up to the high twisty slide. By.her.self.

baby2 update: I am 39 weeks today and the contractions are real now, but they are coming and going. Sometimes I have several an hour, sometimes nothing at all. Tomorrow I see the doctor that was on call when I was in labor with Morgan and inadvertently broke my water. I'm looking for a repeat performance. The only thing is my sister is way far away out of town through the weekend. :( Calling her to tell her I'm in labor while she is gone is going to be like telling her we weren't able to find out the sex of baby wait and see. Not cool. It's only a matter of time to see if baby2 is going to hold out for her.


  1. I would totally LOVE for him to wait until, say, May 31 to come...but I also don't want you to have to be in pain all weekend. I will be with you in happy thoughts, even if I am not there, and I'm sure mom will keep me updated if you are in the hospital while I'm gone, if you can't..xoxoxo sis!

  2. The video(s) were just what I needed. She may be bigger now, but the enthusiasm is still there. Awesome comparison.