Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week in the Life: Day Three

Wednesday April 21 2010
  • spent most of last night tossing and turning and watching the clock. Too hot. Too cold. Sore back. Sore hips. Of course, I found myself most comfortable not long before the alarm went off at 6:25am. I didn't stay in bed long after - got up to shower and get ready.
  • I'm loving the new GAP maternity t-shirts I ordered. They are super long - no fear of my low belly or elastic waistband hanging out today :)
  • I heard little fingers fiddling with the bathroom door. I let Morgan in and give her a big good morning hug. She plays with some hair product and pretends to put it in her hair while I finish up.
  • made my lunch while Morgan sat on the counter munching on some grapes (whole and on the stem - she won't have it any other way).
  • Mark and I made the bed. We never make our bed. Except today we are having the house appraised at 8am.
  • Morgan and I left for school and work around 7:45. Another sunny morning and 46 degrees.
  • More cinnamon toast and chai for breakfast.
  • Good news: We are busy enough at work that some of us are back to a 40 hour work week. Bad news (well, I'm still undecided): It does not appear that I am one of those people.
  • Pandora is on and it's time to work. Checking acknowledgements from yesterday's truck order and verifying semi deliveries for next week. Need to stay on track this morning because I've already got two big orders to place this afternoon.
  • craving another slurpee. What did I start? End up leaving the office at 12:15 for some sunshine, fresh air and frozen cherry deliciousness.
  • called the company we ordered our original bathroom sink from because it's been a week and a half and the website still says it's 'processing at warehouse'. Finally found out it is backordered until the end of May(!) Make note to talk to Mark about it tonight.
  • deleting, replying and sending emails while I eat lunch - cheap and easy, pb&j with Cheetos.
  • read on facebook that Food, Inc. is going to be on PBS tonight. Make a note in my planner to record (or watch) it. Not a bad idea after the way I've been eating lately.
  • baby2 has a bout of hiccups.
  • beat another 3pm order deadline. Ordered the truck, printed plans and did a little invoicing.
  • picked Morgan up from school. She loves to have saltine crackers on her way home. As I was unpacking the car, she climbed up in the drivers seat so she could 'drive'.
  • made dinner - garlic rotini pasta with veggies and chicken. Listened to Morgan recite her version of the ABC's - over and over and over. Her LMNOP babble is the cutest. Even if she is incredibly whiny tonight. I think she likes to hear herself cry sometimes because that's 'what babies do'. Here come the terrible two's.
  • Mark gave Morgan a bath while I took our recycling out to the garage to get ready for trash pickup tomorrow morning.
  • bedtime for Morgan. I called my mom. We make plans to visit and go to Antonio's for dinner on Saturday.
  • Mark and I reviewed our to-do list for the next month. Weekend plans include moving out of our current bedrooms into the newly remodeled ones.
  • crashed on the couch. I hope I can sleep tonight...

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