Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week in the Life: Day Six

Saturday April 24 2010
  • Morgan woke around 7am and Mark brought her to bed with us. She was wide awake but laid there quietly with us until she couldn't take it anymore. "Up, up, up" she said to us. She even puts her hands under Mark's head to help him lift it.
  • Mark made us cinnamon pancakes for yum.
  • got ready for the day which this morning included packing a bag or two and going to IKEA. We got there around 10 and bought lots of goodies, including Morgan's new twin mattress, a fitted sheet to hold her over until her new bedding arrives, throw pillows for her reading nook and lamps for Morgan and baby2. We also bought nightstands for our room.
  • Two hours later, we finally head back home. Mark unloaded the car and we ate lunch.
  • 1:30pm - Morgan went down for her nap. I started assembling the nightstands and Mark went outside to change the oil in the lawnmower and weedwacker. We moved our clothes to our new closet and filled the nightstands. I feel so grown up now - in the 10 years we've lived together, we never had nightstands.
  • Morgan woke up just past 4. We snuggled on the couch for a little bit before my parents arrived. After Mark finished watching the draft, the five of us went to Antonio's for dinner. Fantastic as always. Even Morgan agreed.
  • Since we were already halfway there, we drove out to the hospital to show my parents where it was at. I told Morgan this is where we are going to pick her new little brother up. Mark circled the parking lot and as we started leaving, Morgan got a little upset and kept repeating his name. I think she thought we going to get him right now. Oops :(
  • back to the house. Morgan got more acquainted with her new room and bed while Mark and my dad moved some of her furniture.
  • Bedtime was rough. She was upset and didn't want us to leave until she fell asleep. It took about 30 minutes but she finally fell asleep with Mark next to her.
  • enjoyed a yummy turtle cake my mom made and we visited a while longer.
  • didn't stay up much longer after my parents went home. It's been a long day. Checked on Morgan and we went to bed.
I had a terribly lazy photo taking day Saturday. Not good considering it's the weekend. You think it would have been easier. Today is a new day and I hope I can do better at capturing all the little details. I won't lie, I'm kind of glad this is the last day and can't wait to start putting this album together.

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  1. Sounds like a fun day. I'd have to say I understand your feeling of "glad this is almost over" (picture taking/note-taking, etc), but I will sadly miss the daily updates! I'm interested how Morgan adjusts more to her new bed! =)