Sunday, April 25, 2010

Week in the Life: Day Seven

Sunday April 25 2010
  • yeah Morgan! She didn't make a peep all night and slept until after 7am. We heard her wake but she seemed to stay in her bed even though her door was wide open. She even started calling "mommy" like she used to do from her crib (like she couldn't just get out on her own). I answered back "Morgan, come here" and she ran across the hall to our room. She was completely fine and says she loved her new bed.
  • typical Sunday morning around here: clean diaper, breakfast, unloading and reloading the dishwasher and cleaning off the never ending piles that collect on the kitchen counter.
  • Mark vegged out in front of the TV and watched the end of Fight Club while Morgan and I play on the internet. She loves to watch the videos on the camera of her counting and singing ABC's.
  • feeling very lazy. It's 11am and we are all still in our pj's. Maybe a hot shower will help.
  • time for lunch: quesadillas for mommy and turkey dogs for Mark and Morgan.
  • 1pm: Morgan is pretty eager to take a nap. She crawled right in bed and Mark covered her up without a fuss. She probably didn't fall asleep until after 1:30 - whenever we'd peek in at her she was playing with her animals or noo-noo. She must've tossed her pacifier too because Mark caught her crawling out of bed to get it - then crawled back. hee hee. As always, these changes are always harder on mommy than baby.
  • got a burst of nesting energy and started making piles of boxes and baby stuff. Moved Morgan's things to her new room. Moved baby2's things to his crib for now. Took the rest of my clothes to our bedroom. Emptied the closets so I can start priming them and the bedrooms this week. Feeling anxious. Time is ticking.
  • 2:30pm: Red Wings playoff game #6 is on. Phoenix already scored 5 minutes in. Poo.
  • I'm not jazzed about the dreary weather this weekend. Checked the weather for next week. Of course, sunny and 60's like last week. Of course.
  • Morgan woke from her nap just after 4:30 and the three of us snuggled on the couch for a bit. Really love this lazy day. Can't remember the last time the three of us have done this.
  • made and ate dinner and cleaned up the kitchen. Mark took out his last gallon of cider from the freezer to thaw in the fridge and Morgan dragged it out to him in the living room asking for some. It wasn't easy, but he finally convinced her that it wasn't ready to drink yet because it was still hard. Maybe tomorrow sweetie.
  • finally, the kitchen counter is cleared off. I hope it lasts longer than 24 hours.
  • Morgan took a bath and dressed into her pajamas. We read a few books and then it was time for bed. Sigh. She went down as easy as she always did in her crib. Hugs and kisses, bear, kitty, blankets and noo noo. Night night. No tears, for her at least. I'm just happy it will get easier.
  • thinking about watching Food Inc that we recorded earlier in the week. My legs are terribly restless right now so I don't know how long I'm going to last.
Yeah, the week is pretty much over. Thanks for all the nice comments. Now for the fun part - putting the album together. Ali designed some great digital templates for this project that would make creating photo collages super easy. We'll see what route I take. I better do it sooner than later so I don't forget anything.

We now continue with our regularly scheduled programming.


  1. Love the picture of Morgan laying on her bed. She must think she's pretty cool to just be able to get out of bed and run to you guys. In no time soon she'll be joining you/waking you up by running in their every morning. =) Can't wait to see all the house changes you guys have been doing.

  2. PS -- feel free to upload a video of Morgan singing her ABC's on here. I'd LOVE to see it! =)

  3. "Now back to our regular programming." You are too funny! I thought about Morgan all day wondering how the bed situation was going. So very happy she loves her new bed. Lazy days hanging with the fam are the best. Hope your restless legs don't interfer with your sleep.