Monday, April 19, 2010

Week in the Life: Day One

Monday April 19 2010
  • woke up to sunshine but chilly temps - 37 degrees at 8am, 66 degrees at 5pm. I hope this weather sticks around.
  • actually woke up on time to get ready for work before getting Morgan up at 7. Got her dressed and fixed her hair while she ate her morning banana and watched a little bit of Curious George.
  • dropped Morgan off at school and then stopped at work briefly before my 34 week prenatal appointment.
  • waited over a half hour to see my doctor. Good thing the nurse took my blood pressure before the wait. Only gained one pound in two weeks. Blood pressure was 108/70.
  • talked doctor out of ordering me another $200 ultrasound, for now.
  • talked to Mark. I love heartfelt conversations with him.
  • stopped at Kroger on my way back to work for bread and strawberry jelly.
  • back to work. Not much in my inbox. Made some cinnamon toast and Bolthouse Farms Vanilla Chai.
  • lots of belly movement late this morning. Feeling incredibly grateful even when he is making me uncomfortable. And emotional. Very teary today for lots of different reasons.
  • now I'm having a hard time concentrating...
  • returned our Cambria sample to the display rack. Don't need it anymore now that ours are finally in.
  • managed to get my orders placed and the truck ordered by 3pm.
  • phone calls, status updates, daydreaming about baby2's baby announcements.
  • yogurt for afternoon snack
  • left work and picked up Morgan. Mark beat us home and was already working on installing our bathroom faucet and sink to prep for our appraisal on Wednesday.
  • had a later than normal dinner, so it was an easy night: chicken sandwiches, Sunchips and cantaloupe (which Morgan loves to say).
  • the three of us took a short walk.
  • let Morgan stay up a little later than normal. She's been waking early but I think part of it may have to do with the early sunrise. Consider black out shades for her new room.
  • wishing Dairy Queen delivered.
  • spending some much needed couch time with Mark. House, then 24.
  • time to snuggle...g'night.


  1. I"ve been waiting all day for this...knew it would have lots of pictures! =) Love the one of Morgan in her carseat -- so excited looking! The bathroom looks great! Can't wait to meet Baby2 too!

  2. Good to hear you and Mark are having some "together" time. I hear ya on the Dairy Queen delivery. That could be very dangerous. Loved all the pics! Can't wait to see the bathroom in person. I love the tile.