Thursday, April 22, 2010

Week in the Life: Day Four

Thursday April 22 2010
  • Happy Earth Day! Morgan and I began the day eating bananas and watching Curious George learn about recycling. She is in a crazy good mood this morning. I even got her hair up in pigtails with minimal screaming.
  • Mark took our trash and recycling out to the street. Made a mental note to get some lawn bags.
  • dropped Morgan off at school. Listened to 89x on my way to the office. Scarfed down some breakfast. I can't tell yet if it's going to be a slow day or not.
  • damn, my shoelace untied. Help!
  • ate lunch and went to Toys R Us to get Morgan a little gift from baby2. Totally forgot about construction and had to take the long way back to work.
  • talked to Mark. We got our appraisal price back already. Not super but not bad either. We talked about our options with renovating the rest of the house and we are confident we will make it work.
  • baby boy is moving around a lot this afternoon.
  • cut up an apple to snack on and ordered this afternoon's cabinet truck.
  • worked on revising our kitchen layout a bit. I'm excited to share it with Mark tonight.
  • inbox is empty - I'm pretty happy about being back in my routine this week and getting some things done tomorrow. Making a list of things to do while I finish cleaning up my desk.
  • finally time to go home. Morgan had a great day and was still singing from music class. It's been perfect weather all week for playing outside after we get home.
  • Mark and Morgan watch Yo Gabba Gabba while I reheat leftovers for dinner.
  • Mark searches for the NFL draft on TV and Morgan and I play on the floor. We have a pile of baby stuff in the corner and I found one of her babies in the carseat. :)
  • 7:45pm: Morgan is very vocal about being done for the day. I get her ready for bed and Mark puts her down.
  • Mark leaves for Dairy Queen. Buy one, get one for 25 cents! Apparently everyone in Farmington has the same idea because they are packed...I balance the checkbook while I wait.
  • Oreo Cookie Jar blizzard...mmm. And The Office is new tonight. The grocery list can wait.


  1. Yummy! You finally got your Dairy Queen. Quite the bargain too. Was someone kind enough to tie your shoe at work? Love the smiling picture of Morgan. Glad she had a great day.

  2. A singing Morgan and an Oreo Blizzard...doesn't get any better than that huh? Love the pictures... =)