Friday, April 23, 2010

Week in the Life: Day Five

Friday April 23 2010
  • Morgan was up with the birds (I think that is what is waking her up) so I got up with her and we snuggled on the couch for a little bit.
  • we had some Cinnamon Life for breakfast and got dressed.
  • after taking Morgan to school, I vacuumed 10 pounds of saltine cracker crumbs out of the backseat.
  • finally made a half-assed grocery list. I'm majorly stalling. Maybe I'll make the bed...ha ha, no. Move my barf bucket from the side of the bed back to the laundry room. I thought I was going to need it again last night. Thankfully I did not.
  • Buschs, then home to unpack bags.
  • internet check - Google Reader, email, facebook. Just 10 minutes though - I can't get sucked it.
  • shower, comfy clothes, start laundry load #1 of 4, unload dishwasher.
  • eat lunch and watch Bringing Home Baby. I can't get enough of these baby shows.
  • more random to-do's - shredding old receipts, a quick manicure. I ended up back on the internet and bought Morgan's new big girl bedding, baby2's bedding and some storage baskets for their toys.
  • 3pm: laundry is almost done. Push piles around on the kitchen counter. Moved some boxes over to our family room. Talked to Kristin. Texted Mark to see if pizza sounded good for dinner.
  • picked up Morgan at school. Yeah for a happy girl that is excited to see her mommy. Stopped back at home long enough to grab her diaper bag and pick up Mark and we head to Bellacino's for dinner. Pizza and salad.
  • stopped at Heritage Park on the way home to check out the new children's splash pad. Even though it was cool out, we let Morgan run around and play for about 20 minutes. Loved the slides and climbing up the play equipment all by herself. Was not happy about leaving.
  • happy girl played and sang at home until bedtime at 8:30. A lot of Ring Around the Rosey.
  • Mark is laying on the couch watching the draft. Thinking about joining him.

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