Friday, April 16, 2010

preparing for a week in our life

I mentioned earlier this week that I'm finally going to participate in Ali Edwards Week in the Life project, which she is doing next week on her blog. After meeting her in 2007 at The Scrapbook Zone when she was in town for CKU and seeing her album in person (and looking through it over and over and over again), I knew I needed to add this project to my scrapbook projects to-do list. I tried to do it in March 2008 while I was pregnant with Morgan but I was totally unhappy with the photos I took and the notes (or lack of) I made. Two years later, I'm going to try again.

To prepare, I've made a sort of daily worksheet for myself to fill out each day of things to remember - the weather, what I ate, things we did. General everyday stuff. And I'll keep snippets of papers that might be fun to look back on in 5, 10, 20 years. Stuff like Morgan's daily record sheet from school, pieces of mail, grocery lists, clothing tags, receipts. Papers that I would normally just toss in the recycling bin. This isn't going to be one of those albums that I'll look at in the immediate future, but I think will be cool to flip through with Mark and the kids in many many years, just to show them what everyday life was like - back in the day.

I think I'm going to follow much of Ali's lead (big surprise) on the
format of the album. I have an 8 1/2" x 11" album and cardstock to use as well as plenty of baseball card holders that I bought years ago for this very project. So I'm all set with supplies. I should flip through my patterned papers too just to see what I could use up. Otherwise, I don't have any fancy plans for layouts or embellishments. Next week I just need to focus on recording our days, not on what the album is going to look like. Not always an easy task for me.

Starting next Monday, I'm going to record each day on the blog - post some photos and journaling bits from the day - hopefully to keep myself on track through Sunday. Who's to say how long it's going to take me to actually complete the album. Let's hope life is fairly normal next week. Mark and I have been battling some kind of food poisoning since Tuesday night (more me than him, lucky guy. And Morgan has been completely fine. Phew!) and I've been moving slow ever since. And now I feel behind. So as much as I want to play catch up this weekend, I have to fit in lots of rest too.

Have a fab weekend! See you Monday.


  1. Good deal! I look forward to your posts! =) Food poisoning huh? What did you eat? Hope it doesn't ruin your weekend!

  2. The only thing Mark and I narrowed it down to was some leftover quiche we both had for breakfast Tuesday morning. Or the spinach salad I had for lunch? Slowly feeling better, just trying to rehydrate and get my energy and appetite back.

  3. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. Make sure you get enough rest.