Monday, April 5, 2010

Morgan: 22 months

has started saying "mommy" and "daddy" instead of "mama" and "dada". It's adorable - I just love her little voice. Also says Grandma and Grandpa very well.

we walked up to the mailbox after work/school one evening and I had gotten a magazine with Tyler Florence's milk ad on the back cover. Morgan said "daddy!" Yeah, he does look like daddy, doesn't he kiddo?

loves to count. On the way to school one morning, I peeked back at her from the rearview mirror, looking at her fingers as she slowly counted - 1,2,3,4 (she always skips five) all the way up to 10. Are you freakin' kidding me?

Some of her new words this month include helicopter (kind of sounds like 'eye doctor' if you didn't know what she was saying), neighbors, scared and spicy. If a food doesn't taste good to her, she says it's spicy.

Speaking of which, she is not a fan of barking dogs or the dark.

Met some new neighbors around the corner during an evening walk a few weeks ago. Their little girl turned 2 this past December and they loved running around their front yard together. Morgan was not jazzed about leaving.

In a little bit of a shy phase, especially with strangers. If someone she doesn't know waves to her or says Hi, she turns away or covers her eyes.

really got a kick out of building chair and blanket forts with daddy. I tried to sneak in on them and she told me to 'go'. Hmpf.starting to string together words - I like it, cut it, up high, eat it, try it, Morgan get it, get down, all dressed, other one...

and everything is 'mine' at school. She does not like when the other kids get too close to me at school. Her teachers think that has a lot to do with her soon-to-be little brother.

Speaking of school, Morgan has been spending the majority of her school days in the Early Preschool I classroom. Weird how fast she became the 'big kid' in the toddler room. And now that it is full of babies (ha, I mean one-year-olds), how fast she became bored of it too.

has become quite proficient in pushing the dining chairs over to the kitchen counter to get to things that she wants - food, pen and paper - Mark and I love to watch her scoot the chair to the kitchen and peek around the corner to see what she's going to get in to.


  1. I LOVE THE UPDATES! And of course my favorite one is the fact that she's counting up to 10 already! Thats fun that there is another girl down the street that she can plan with. Gosh, I could go on and on commenting on each of the things you wrote. Needless to say, I can't wait to see you guys Sunday!

  2. spicy.....too funny. I love all the updates too. Counting to 10, she's not even 2. Such an amazing granddaughter. tee hee