Sunday, April 4, 2010

holiday surprise

We just got home from spending the holiday weekend in Lansing and this was the scene in our backyard.Apparently there was quite a storm here Saturday afternoon and it knocked down a large willow tree near the back of our property line. Right towards the house. Luckily no one and nothing was hurt. It didn't hit the power lines or our house. The neighbors said it sounded like an explosion when it hit the ground.

Just add it to the list of stupid emergencies we need to pay for. And clean-up is going to be a huge mess that we have zero time for. Poo.


  1. Holy Hannah. Now I realize why Mark was wondering about Troy's chain saw. Troy didn't realize that the tree wasn't standing anymore -- I wonder if that would affect the price that Troy asked our neighbor about...

  2. Wow, what a surprise!

  3. What a shame...willow trees are so beautiful!
    At least no one got hurt and nothing was damaged.