Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter recap

Our little family spent most of last weekend in Lansing visiting friends and family. On Saturday with Tim and Andrea and their little man, Brody, to catch up and watch the Michigan State/Butler basketball game. Brody and Morgan were very good playmates! Aren't they cute?!?We spent Easter with Mark's mom and family and Morgan got to pick through 2 Easter baskets - full of fruit strips, books, snack bars, markers, fruit snacks, Legos and her most favorite, mini m&m's. We ate and Morgan napped and afterwards, she and her cousin Mason went on an egg hunt. It only took her a few eggs for Morgan to figure out what she needed to do...and she loved it! She was sad when all of the eggs were found. She kept walking down the sidewalk to the neighbors house, looking for more eggs, so we had to take a few out and re-'hide' them! Later we coaxed her back to the front lawn to open her eggs and see what kind of goodies were inside.


  1. How much fun is that! I especially love the last picture.

  2. Too cute. And in another year or so, you can have two little ones running around for Easter eggs! =)