Thursday, April 1, 2010

April to-do's

I only have a couple projects this month. Regardless, I still have plenty of to-do's:
  • all of the nice weather got us thinking about what we would love to do with our gardens, particularly in the backyard (read: rip everything out), but I think this one is going to have to wait another year. What we could do some time this month though is pull our patio furniture out of the garage, weather permitting of course. I don't want to jinx us and get any mid-April snow!
  • brainstorm some baby announcement designs. Something where I can just add a photo and his stats. Print and done.
  • go through my recipe binder and narrow it down to the super simple ones so I know what food to stock the fridge and pantry with next month. Holy crap, next month! Anyone have any good freezer meals to share?
  • buy a gift for Morgan from her little brother to give to her after he is born. I don't want her to feel left out. Her 'big sister' t-shirt is already ready for her first hospital visit.
  • start planning Morgan's second birthday party. I'm thinking it will just be a small family affair in the middle of May because her real birthday and baby2's due date are just way too close to risk having to reschedule it.
  • start buying the furnishings for baby2's nursery, as well as all the fun accessories and decorations for Morgan's new room. I hope that we can get Morgan adjusted in her new room in early May so I can have a few weeks to finish the nursery. Wishful thinking, Mark?
No project breakdown posts this month, as there really isn't much to break down. I will share some sneak peaks of Morgan's party plans though, as well as the goodies I find for the kid's rooms. I suppose I owe you some renovation photos too, eh?


  1. I saw some simple birth announcements on etsy :)

  2. All this excitement about your family room, I forgot about what you might be doing in (for) Morgan's bedroom. Can't wait to get a sneak peek. Is it too early to say "Happy Birthday"?