Friday, April 2, 2010

32 favorites for Friday: birthday edition

@ 32 years
32 of my all-time favorite things

favorite restaurant: Antonio's
favorite food: hard to say when I'm pregnant and constantly hungry...but in general, pizza
favorite alcoholic drink: amaretto sour or Leelanau Cellars Winter White wine
favorite morning beverage: Oregon Chai - hot, over ice or blended
favorite homemade dessert: my grandma's apple pie with vanilla ice cream
favorite season: summer
favorite flower: tulips

favorite clothing brand I wish I owned one of each:
favorite jeans: GAP
favorite accessory: my
Harvey's seatbelt bag
favorite shoes I own:
favorite shoes I have yet to own:
favorite hair product: Tigi Catwalk Curls Rock
favorite skincare products I wish I could afford more of: Aveda
favorite splurge beauty product:
Cosmedicine Primary Care Multi-Tasking Moisturizer
favorite American city: Portland, Oregon
favorite international city: Amsterdam, Netherlands
favorite technological toy I own:
Apple MacBook
favorite technological toy I'm glad I don't own: a cell phone that does anything more than make phone calls. Doesn't mean I don't want an iPhone though.
favorite scrapbook I've made: our wedding album
favorite movies: Wizard of Oz, Gladiator, Office Space, Schindler's List and the Lord of the Rings trilogy
favorite TV shows:
House and Friends
favorite new TV show:
favorite guilty pleasure:
Keeping Up with the Kardashians and Guiliana and Bill on E!
favorite band:
favorite books: Catcher in the Rye and
The Power of Less
favorite TEDTalk so far: Jamie Oliver
favorite sport to watch: hockey
favorite sport to participate in: mountain biking
favorite household chore: money stuff - creating a budget and balancing the checkbook to the penny
favorite household cleaner:
Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day in Lemon Verbena but I'm totally getting into making my own.
favorite childhood birthday memory: going to the movie theater to see Beetle Juice with Meghann and Jeannette in fourth grade. I think it was my tenth birthday and I thought we were the shit.

Today: I'm outta here for a little while. First, I need to have a cavity re-filled. Grocery shopping. Stop at Caribou for my free birthday drink. Put together Morgan's Easter basket. Wash the blinds in Morgan's new temporary room (maybe). Give myself a quick manicure. Stare at my toes, wishing I could reach them long enough to take off the 3+ month old polish. Pack up my scrapbook area so I'm ready to move at a moments notice. Then, Morgan and I are meeting Mark at work and we are going to
The Original Pancake House for dinner. And Astoria for dessert. Oh baby, can't wait!

This is going to be a Good Friday!


  1. Happy Birthday sis. I liked reading your top 32 (Troy and I are all into Parenthood too!). Have an awesome day and enjoy your evening with your two favorite people! (And have a walnut roll for me!)

  2. Happy Birthday Nicole what a beautiful day to be out and about have a great time with two of my favorite peeps in the world see you soon.

  3. Have a very Happy Birthday! Mine is in a few weeks, but I am 10 whole years older than you :p
    I bet you could get Morgan to give you a pedicure ;)

  4. Wow, talk about bringing back memories.....that pic :) and Beetlejuice--too funny. Was surprised about your current guilty pleasure. I've been known to watch a few of those episodes myself. tee hee Hope you have a delicious day!