Monday, March 1, 2010

March to-do's

Baby2 will be here in just 3 months. Here's my checklist for March:

1. Make a list of things to do before baby2 is born. Fun things like choosing a pediatrician (for both him and Morgan actually), washing all of his little clothes and installing the car seat. I need to write it all down or I know I will forget something.

2. Start my pregnancy album for baby2. I'm already a smidge disappointed in myself for not taking as many belly pictures and journaling like I did with Morgan. Need to get over that guilt and just work with what I have.

3. Organize my recipe binder that is full of the usual meals that we cook every month - toss the ones I printed and never (will) try and come up with some new ideas. I have about 3 years worth of Rachael Ray magazines that I've read and kept but always forget to refer to. I should copy those recipes that I want to try.

4. Go through Morgan's old baby stuff and figure out what we'll need for baby2 plus my postpartum goodies. Other than the nursery, nothing major, but things like a bigger diaper bag for 2 kids?

5. Make the final payment on Mark's car.
Woot woot - how do you like that for timing?

6. Brainstorm an easy-peasy scrapbook format for baby2's first year album. I like the mixed sizes of Morgan's album but might consider a more detailed 'what happened this month' layout with photo collages. Might be the perfect opportunity to dabble a little more with digital scrapbooking.

Hmm, 6 items again. Let's see how I manage for round 3. Happy March!

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  1. Happy March--only 3 more months, boy is it coming fast. Boo to needing a new furance and yeah to one less car loan!