Thursday, February 4, 2010

out and about

This cold I have kicked my butt earlier this week but now I am on the up and up and getting back into the swing of things. This is just a quickie post for the locals that I wanted to share after some running around at lunch yesterday.

Bagger Dave's is coming to Novi sometime this month. Morgan and I would visit Mark for lunch when I was on maternity leave and we went to their Berkley location once or twice and it's so yummy. Anyways, it's on the east side of Novi Road just north of Grand River, near Potbelly and Biggby.

Once Upon a Child is also coming to Novi. I've always been meaning to go to the one in Rochester but never made it out there. I'm so happy to see one opening on this side of town. The grand opening is this Saturday but the store is open now to browse and drop off your old baby stuff to sell. They are on the west side of Novi Road just north of Ten Mile.

That's all for now - much more planned, much more later...

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