Friday, February 5, 2010

Morgan: 20 months

20 Months. Yikes. Here's what Morgan has been up to this last month:
  • though she doesn't understand the concept of money, she likes to look for money in my wallet and Mark's pockets to put in her piggy bank.

  • is my biggest helper. Morgan throws her diapers away in the garbage, puts her pajamas back in the drawer after getting dressed in the morning, and puts her dirty clothes in her laundry basket. If something comes up missing (her shoes, slippers, mittens, noo-noo), it is likely in her laundry basket.
  • Morgan is not fond of staying dressed. Especially her shirt. Sometimes I think she wants to go 'potty' just so I'll take her diaper off - she bolts and mommy is not as fast as she used to be. She thinks it's hilarious.

  • experienced her first day (and hopefully her last for a while) without a nap. She just gabbed and gabbed to 'bear' in her crib and of course, had a somewhat cranky afternoon. Poor thing just wanted to play.

  • loves marching through the living room / dining room / kitchen and we must follow her - follow the leader style. She says "march" and points to the floor "mama, dada" like, get behind me, we are going to march now and don't even think about stopping or getting out of line.
  • we had parent-teacher conferences on Tuesday afternoon and she is rockin' the toddler room. We got to see her Ability Profile and the girl has completed tasks (some months ago) in the 27-30 month category. She is doing awesome - just because she is, not because we/they are pushing her. Her teacher said Morgan will start transitioning to the Early Preschool 1 room in the spring. Didn't she just move to the toddler room? She will be in that room until she is about 2 1/2.

  • according to her teacher, her favorite activities at school are reading, art projects and puzzles. Morgan would color or paint all day long if they let her. Or eat snow.

  • she also has a blast in music class - Thursday afternoons after her nap.
  • went to bed for the first time without asking for her 'ba-ba' (pacifier). Yeah, I know, I wanted to wean her off it 6 months ago. Ba-ba is only for sleepy time and they cut her off at school months ago. Mommy is a pushover and doesn't have that kind of strength.

  • can climb up and down from her high chair on her own. She smacked her chin pretty good once while getting down and screamed. I think she bit her tongue. Now she always reminds us "mouth" when she turns around to get down, reminding us that she will be more careful this time.

  • loves to be at the counter in the kitchen, watching what we are doing. Especially to get into her snack cabinet. She likes to rifle through the boxes and bags to choose a snack on her own.

  • or she just takes the entire package (goldfish, Craisins) and puts a handful at each chair at her play table. Just like at school. She says "Morgan" and puts some snacks at her spot. "Mama/Dada" and puts some snacks at the other chair.
  • was completely mesmerized by a little boy playing the piano on tv. She does love music, but other instruments haven't quite caught her attention like that. Hmm...

  • sprung at least one more tooth. I think we are up to 14 - will have to check on that one. She's not a fan of me sticking my digits in her mouth.

  • likes "loud juice", aka, fruit smoothies made in the Magic Bullet. Especially served in a real cup with a straw.

  • and mommy and daddy's personal favorite: has developed the sweetest, most adorable and sincere "hi" for us. And bear. Melts my heart.


  1. Gosh, I could read that over and over much to be happy about in that posting. Can't wait to see her again! Love you all!

  2. so cute! Jack has more teeth than her! he had all of his (except the 2 year molars) by 13 months!