Wednesday, February 17, 2010

month 02 goal 05


I am a sucker for having a place for everything and everything in it's place. Even during a renovation. Planning the kiddos future playspace was fun and I'm using furniture that we already have. Now we just have to decide where in the house it will be.

I currently use an IKEA Expedit bookcase for my scrapbooking supplies but I really wanted to be able to use it for the kids toys and bins. During my clean and purge last month, I think I will easily be able to par down my scrapbooking stash and relocate it to one of the shelves that Mark and I designed and built back in college. No, I'm not giving up scrapbooking and paper crafts, but I've found in the recent past, the less I have, the easier it is to scrapbook.

My plan is to turn the bookcase from it's current vertical position to horizontal - a much more accessible arrangement for those under 3 feet tall. Next, I dumped all of Morgan's toys on the floor, even the old infant toys that we are saving for baby2, and separated them into piles - stuffed animals, blocks, arts and crafts, puzzles, Legos, books, dolls, etc - and made notes about how much and what sizes we had in each category.During a trip to Target, I remembered the itso line of organizing bins and trays that they carry. I actually bought 5 shallow trays a couple years ago when I was in an organizing frenzy with my wood mounted stamps. The width of these trays fits perfectly into the Expedit and when I was at Target recently, I wrote down the sizes of all of the fabric and plastic bins they have so I could pair the toy categories with an appropriate bin. Here's a rough sketch of what I've got so far: Some of the other things I will include in their space are the Bumbo chair (when baby2 is ready to use it) and activity mat, Morgan's play table and chair set, a big basket for larger balls that like to roll all over the house (this one is kind of cool) and her easel. Morgan also got 2 Skip*Hop bins for her first Christmas and I think those will continue to work great for baby2's toys and all of their small stuffed animals.

As far as decor, I'm collecting lots of ideas - like a way to display art projects, a growth chart and soon I'd like to make some large alphabet 'flashcards' to hang on the walls. In the future, I dream of hanging a big world map on the wall and sticking pushpins in each city we've been to as a family.

I think this system will work out pretty well for us for a while - even as their toy preferences change. Morgan is already great about putting her toys away (Lola's mom and I tease that we should get together for a playdate so the girls can clean our houses) and all of the bins and baskets will make it easy for us to swap out old toys with new-to-them toys. I'm hoping to get everything set up in the family room, even if it's temporary, after we move back over to that side of the house.


  1. WOW!! If I could just see what is going on in that mind of must be VERY busy! Cool ideas and I love seeing that little sketch on this posting...I like the plans so far!

  2. You may very well be the most organized person I know! Good luck. I have tried every type of system out there and never had much luck controlling the clutter of childhood!

  3. Love the layout. I think the hardest part is controlling how many toys are out and about. If you see toys that aren't being played with, you can always put them away for a while and switch out toys every once in a while. Also love your map of the world idea.