Friday, February 12, 2010

in search of: new blogs to stalk

I've been spending a little time this week trying to purge my Google Reader of blogs that I don't find an interest in anymore and making room for other good reads and fresh ideas. When I find a new (to me) blog, I always think "where have you been?"

So my dear bloggies, what are your top 3 favorite blogs? What websites do you go to first thing in the morning to check for a post? What am I missing out on? Anything - scrapbooking, crafts, home renovation and decorating, architecture, design, babies and kids, life as a mommy - lay it on me. I'm all eyes.



    - Mark


  3. am I weird? I only read blogs of people I know. And weelicious and Pioneer woman cooks, but I don't read those daily only when I'm interested in a recipe.

  4. Only three. ha ha is a great scrapbook blog that I don't go to everyday, but think you may enjoy.