Monday, February 1, 2010

February to-do's

Bare with me if my lists bore you to tears. I feel a little more accountable if I just put my plans out there. Feel free to ask, 'hey, how are you doing on such-and-such.' :) These are some of my February to-do's:

1. choose a potty training reward system for Morgan (thanks for the ideas!)

2. file our 2009 taxes

3. research cloth diapers.
Our living arrangements when Morgan was born weren't very conducive to the maintenance that is required with cloth, but I really want to do this with baby2. Morgan will be my test subject for a few months and before long, I will probably convert her too. Emily has a great shop, so I know where I'm going to get them from, I just need to pick a few different types out so we can try them out.

4. complete Morgan's first birthday scrapbook album.

5. design playspaces for the kids - figure out storage options and categorize toys.

6. tag the items I want to sell at the Scrapbook Zone's garage sale on Saturday, February 27th.

Here's to a fresh new month. First I need to get rid of this damn cold. I should add 'get more sleep' to the top of this list because the 3 hours I got last night just isn't going to cut it. I even went to bed early. Tonight our shows are on and it is 'veg out in front of the tv' night. I'm very much looking forward to spending some time on the couch with my favorite man.


  1. Can't believe its February already huh? How does the garage sale work? Do you just tag your things and sell what you can and you keep the cash?

    I hear ya with the cold. And if this makes you feel better, I fell asleep at 9pm last night and I feel worse today.

  2. Kristin, when I signed up for the garage sale, I got labels with a number on them so they can track my sales. I just add the price. Whatever sales I make I will get a gift card to the store. Hope you feel better soon :(