Monday, February 8, 2010

24 weeks

This morning I had my 24 week appointment for baby2. Doc said my weight gain is right on, but getting his heart rate was tricky. Baby2 kept kicking/punching the wand the doctor uses to measure the heartbeat so we were just getting a 'thunk' noise. Little stinker, he did not want to be disturbed. He finally stopped - his heart rate is great.

He is about 8 1/2" long, crown to rump, and just over a pound in weight. As the weeks go on, I'm feeling a lot more movement in there, especially late night and early morning. I also get the occasional kick to the bladder, which is always a delight. There is not much I can do about getting over this cold other than Tylenol (now for the pain in my ribs from coughing instead of the head congestion) lots of tea and cough drops. And tons of rest.

4 more weeks until our next ultrasound to check baby2's placenta. And the glucose test and blood draw to detect gestational diabetes. I hope we pass all with flying colors.

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