Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Morgan: 19 Months

can say her name (it's so cute!). Her vocabulary is growing every day. I feel bad sometimes I don't know what she is saying.

is starting to ask for "help" if she needs it.

is still teething on and off, but when she's not, she eats like a champ. New favorites include clementines and chicken pad thai.

calls daddy "Mark" when he doesn't respond to "dada". Last weekend she was standing at the French door that separates the dining room from the family room, where he was working, and shouted "Mark, meer" (come here). Of course, I'm a little instigator and laughed!

lifts her shirt and points to her belly when I ask her where her baby brother is.

loves to stay wrapped up in her "blankie" after her nap and snuggle for a little bit on my lap. I love it too!

recites her own version of the ABC's when playing with the magnetic letters on the refrigerator.

says 2 when we say 1. Says 9 when we say 8.

thinks everything is blue. Sometimes she recognize pink, orange and white.

Edited to add:
has shown no interest in the television until this past week. She is completely entranced by Yo Gabba Gabba, or "Gabby Gab". I find it a little creepy psychedelic, but it's better than Dora.

loves, loves, loves the snow. Even more so, loves to eat the snow.

has become quite accustomed to her nighttime routine. Pick up toys, read a few books, pjs, rock and snuggle, and bed. Last night, after I changed her into her pj's, she asked "rock?", and we did. She snuggled on my shoulder for a bit and asked "bear?". She was ready to lay down. I put her in her crib and covered her and her bear in her favorite blankets. She said "kiss?" and I gave her a good night kiss, told her to have sweet dreams and I loved her. Then (here come the waterworks) she said "bye-bye". Ugh, if that didn't break my heart! Where'd my little baby go?

Happy 19 months sweet pea!


  1. Loving the updates -- especially counting her numbers! =)

  2. I thought you might like that one Aunty K ;)

  3. Oh my.....she never fails to crack me up. Especially the one about calling dada "Mark". Love the updates. Still trying to absorb the info on her baby brother. I guess I was thinking about baby wait and see and didn't want to get my hopes up of finding out.