Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Adventures in Potty Training

I was going to wait to post about this in Morgan's 20 month update, but it's become a post all it's own. Just before Christmas I bought Morgan a little potty chair to get acquainted with. Over the following weeks we talked about what the chair was for and she almost always accompanied me to the bathroom for a pretend potty break.

Well, two weeks ago, totally on a fluke (I think), she said "potty?" and I asked "Do you have to go potty?" She said, "yeah" so we went to the bathroom. She pulled down her pants and I took off her diaper and she sat on her little chair. And went. Woohoo Morgan. I think I freaked her out when I was yelling to Mark in the kitchen, "She went, she went!" I clapped and smiled and told her what a big girl she is.

Last Monday she used the potty for the first time at school. And she's gone at least once a day ever since.So, frequent potty breaks are becoming a part of her routine. We're not going to push her to go. And I know it's quite a process. And I didn't think it would happen so soon. Feel free to share any cute reward systems you know of. My original plan was to make her this crown but I don't think she would see the value in that yet. Ideas?


  1. You go Morganl!! Even at school she's going? That's quite impressive! A co-worker has a penny jar that she puts pennies in when her son goes in the potty. She is going to let him buy a toy with the pennies once he's potty-trained more. He's over 2 years old though and kind of gets the whole money thing, but I'm not sure Morgan really understands that (or cares about money) at this I'm not sure that would work. That crown is pretty cute!! =)

  2. Love it! Such a smart girl. Drawing a blank on a reward program; she's so young. I bet she gets a kick out of the clapping and cheering tho.

  3. Thanks for the idea sis. Yup, she's using the potty at school too. I do like the idea of giving her money (rather than food), although I don't think she understands yet that money buys things. She loved getting money in her Christmas cards and I let her put it in her piggy bank herself. Then she got upset because she also wanted to put the card in the piggy bank too. :)

  4. Hi Nicole, I just had to catch way up on your all these updates, Love how the house is coming, love how big Morgan is getting, love everything! Need to catch up in real life soon. Brody has moved to a big kid bed last Sunday and is doing wonderful! I am starting to introduce him to the potty chair, but thinking this process will take some time. He loves sitting on it. Hates sitting on it with his pants down :).

    I'm thinking I am going to reward Brody with dancing and stickers on a calendar. He loves to dance and Pull Ups has that "Potty Dance" song that is pretty catchy. They are sending me a bunch of free dvds of it, so I am more than happy to send one along. I don't know what stickers I am going to do, but they have yo gabba gabba ones out there. I just ran across this: but you could probably make one of your own. I will probably do my own.

    Hope all is well. Love, Andrea